YULIN: 2023年6月 In June, 2023

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📌English and Footage, from @plushbearshelter








The so called Yulin ‘festival’ doesn’t start until June 21st.

This is a reflection of how certain parts of Yulin are throughout the year, regardless of the nefarious event.

Most of the streets are just run down streets. It’s not like dog meat is in your face constantly with dogs being sold on every corner. However it does seem more ingrained and protected here,

but only by going to certain areas do you see a vast amount of dogs being traded. All filming has to be done secretly or very discreetly. The first location we saw isn’t a pet market, it’s a meat dog trading area. Puppies are often traded to to be fattened up and resold for meat. The second outdoor market area is a place where dogs are sold as pets and /or meat. Sadly many dogs can be seen in cages and being put into bags.


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